RippleX Releases Devnet for NFT Creators
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Jan. 13, 2022

RippleX, a payment platform built on the XRP Ledger distributed network, has announced the launch of NFT-Devnet, a development kit that allows developers to learn about and experiment with the native NFT capabilities.

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The developers said in a recent blog post that the XLS-20d proposal introduces extensions to the XRP Ledger that would support a native NFT type. With the new update, developers can mint, trade, and burn NFTs in addition to advanced features like automatic royalties, and co-ownership.

"This is a first step toward our vision of enabling developers to build apps that leverage the XRP Ledger's native tokenization capabilities," the developers said.

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Initially, XLS-20d will be released on the NFT-Devnet in order to give blockchain developers to test NFTs, and server operators to "understand the performance characteristics" without compromising the performance of the XRPL. Back in September 2021, Ripple launched a $250 million creator fund focused on NFTs. The San Francisco-headquartered company said the fund will support creators, brands and marketplaces to expand the adoption of NFTs across the XRP Ledger network.

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