Unstoppable Domains Rolls Out Sign In Form on NFTs
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Jan. 11, 2022

Unstoppable Domains, a cryptocurrency-focused domain provider, is expanding use cases of Web3 with a new sign in form that supports non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a username. According to a blog post, the new feature gives users a way to use their NFTs to identify their identity and share the data they want. In the future, Unstoppable Domains plans to add support for proof-of-humanity verification.

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Unstoppable Domains Rolls Out Sign In Form on NFTs
Opera Adds Support for Unstoppable Domains and Web3

While details are yet to be disclosed, Unstoppable Domains says the NFT form will be supported by over 58 apps at launch. Initially, the company will run servers on its own, but the end goal will be to "enable every person to run their own server over time."

In December 2021, Unstoppable Domains partnered with Alchemy, a blockchain infrastructure provider, to add support for domain name integrations through enterprise API. The both companies launched a separate API to make it easy for any wallet, exchange, marketplace, or app "to support NFT domains."

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