Mozilla Suspends Plans to Accept Cryptos for Donations
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7 January

The Mozilla Foundation, the developer of the popular web browser Mozilla Firefox, has just suspended crypto donations.

The company has reportedly made the decision following a community backlash sparked by criticism from the company's co-founder Jamie Zawinski.

Mozilla announced last week that it was starting to accept cryptocurrency donations. However, just today the company has suspended this possibility following the debate in the networks about the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining.

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Mozilla has reported it will continue to explore decentralized web technology, but will only resume crypto donations if they align with its climate goals.

It is worth noting this is reminiscent of what happened last year with US electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla. Then, Elon Musk, its CEO, announced the company was starting to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. However, shortly thereafter, the company suspended the possibility citing concerns related to the environmental impact of mining the cryptocurrency. Musk then announced the company would resume Bitcoin payments once cryptocurrency mining becomes sustainable.

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