Crypto Millionaires Eye New York's $170M Listing Santana
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A cryptocurrency millionaire is interested in buying New York's most expensive listing — 96th floor of 432 Park Ave. — a sprawling six-bedroom palace in the sky for $169 million. While it remains unclear who is exactly interested in the apartment, Ryan Serhant, the skypad's listing broker, told the New York Post that the skyscraper is being targeted by a whole group of "crypto showings."

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"We offer wine and champagne for anyone who comes through. [But] a lot of these crypto guys are dry. They just drink computer. It is very intelligent, smart conversations, they are really interested in hard-asset investments and they want 'one of one,' like NFTs. People are spending all this money to own one of one," said Serhant

Serhant noted crypto millionaires not often follow their own interests in the first place. Some do not even own their own apartments:

"They take care of their parents first, buy their mom a house, like Drake, get themselves a car, and then they buy an apartment for themselves. Everyone is incredibly public. When we find them, we put properties in front of them and it works."

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In May, Jomashop, one of the largest US luxury fashion goods retailer, added support for payment in cryptocurrencies via BitPay. The retailer now accepts all cryptocurrencies supported by BitPay, including dogecoin (DOGE). Alex Sternberg, Vice President at Jomashop, said the retailer decided to start accepting cryptocurrencies due to "increased demand" from its clients.

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