Huobi Research: Users Love GameFi Over Low Transaction Fees for 'Gold Farming'
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Huobi Research Institute, a research arm of the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange, says the hype of GameFi should be credited to significantly lower fees for the so-called "gold farming" that allows players to make profits at lower costs. In a recently published report, the arm highlighted that other aspects like the free trading of game materials, pricing of game currencies, and property rights also played their roles in blockchain-based games adoption.

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Huobi Research: Users Love GameFi Over Low Transaction Fees for 'Gold Farming'
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The research arm believes that the existence of transaction costs has become a "determining factor" for the choice of economic system-the society tends to choose the system with the lowest transaction costs to operate. The analysts say in traditional games, gamers' options are limited, which results in high transaction costs in comparison with GameFi.

Meta Aims 'Deep Compatibility' with Blockchain and Crypto

Earlier in December, Peter Molyneux, the creator of Fable and Godus, announced a new game that incorporates the mechanics of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies. According to an announcement post published by Gala Games, a blockchain infrastructure provider, the new game called "Legacy" is a business simulator based on blockchain technology.

There is no a specific release date for Legacy, but 22cans, a British video game developer founded by Peter Molyneux, is aiming to launch it in 2022.

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