Rarible Introduces 'Lazy Mint' Feature for NFT Sellers
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Dec. 27, 2021
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Rarible has introduced a new feature that allows NFT-artists to create tokens via iOS mobile app. According to an announcement on Twitter, users can now publish digital collectibles for free with a new feature called "lazy mint."

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"With the new feature, you can lazy mint photos (only) from your phone gallery or camera," Rarible said.

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However, the feature is working only with the Rainbow wallet. While minting is free for creators, buyers will still have to pay fees for token creation. At the time of writing, users can only mint NFTs without selling.

Rarible first teased the new feature in October. The company explained that the feature creates NFT not at the moment of creation, but at the moment of purchase. If a user wants to burn the minted NFT, he or she will need to pay the gas fee as with the regular NFTs.

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