Dogecoin Founder Won't Come Back as Developer, Still Hodls 220K DOGEūdolfs Klintsons
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Dogecoin Founder, Billy Markus, does not plan to come back to the Dogecoin community as a developer. Markus explained in a tweet his experience working on Dogecoin was not a pleasant one as the community gets worse due to entitlement they get.

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However, Markus is still hodling his DOGE coins. He said that as a community member he is hodling about 220,000 DOGE (~$41,000). Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer launched DOGE back in 2013 as a way to make fun of bitcoin and the many other cryptocurrencies. Palmer left the cryptocurrency community in 2015. Markus also left the project in 2015. He said the decided to leave the project as the community started to "strongly shift from one that I was comfortable with," according to a Reddit thread.

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As iHodl earlier reported, the Dogecoin Foundation plans to create together with Vitalik Buterin a way to stake DOGE even though the network is based on the Proof-of-Work algorithm. According to the description of the initiative, the initiative will allow all members of the DOGE network to receive rewards for their contribution to the management of the network.

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