Coinbase Reveals Approach to Metaverse with ENS
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Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is collaborating with Ethereum Name Service on its approach to simplify the usage of multiple metaverses. Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong, wrote in a blog post that the company is working on a unique username NFT that resolves to a wallet. The technology will allow users to carry a unique ID across different worlds in the metaverse, Armstrong says.

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While no details were provided on the timeline, the Coinbase CEO added that the exchange is also working on technology that will allow users to purchase avatars, define and maintain their public profile, and "establish trust."

"And we are working on features like Sign in with [Eth/Coinbase], which could allow users to sign into every app in the metaverse," Armstrong added.

Coinbase's Armstrong Says NFTs Could Be Next Big Thing

Coinbase's roadmap comes after Facebook rebranded to Meta. The social network giant plans to spend at least $10 billion by the end of this year alone on Facebook Reality Labs, a metaverse arm focused on creating AR/VR hardware and software.

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