TRON Steps into the Metaverse with its Ecological Complex on Cryptovoxels
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TRON is already well known for being green, as one of the most environmentally friendly blockchain networks that exist. TRON is taking its ecologically friendly products into a parallel universe, by building an entire complex inside Cryptovoxels Metaverse. Cryptovoxels offers a unique experience into virtual worlds without leaving your home. This busy metaverse which sits on the Ethereum blockchain allows users like TRON to purchase land, build shops and offices and even, in the case of TRON, a virtual art gallery.

TRON’s complex, announced recently on Twitter, features an impressive collection of buildings which comprise the TRON foundation headquarters, a digital art museum and a convention centre for meetings and face-to-faces.

TRON’s ECO HQ features an impressive atrium with a live display of the Tron Network, as well as a public office space with private offices and meeting rooms, and spacious outdoor areas.

TRON’s convention club hosts a spacious reception area and giant conference hall which can be used for exhibitions and talks.

Finally, the art museum, called APENFT, exhibits unique digital artwork and NFTs, with new exhibitions released and displayed regularly. Currently, it displays works by well known visual artists and works by the winners of the "Second Life" creator contest.

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TRON Collaborates with APENFT to Help NFT Projects Launch

The TRON Foundation recently teamed up with APENFT to launch a $100 million fund for new NFT projects, in order to give support, help and legal advice to projects in a type of launchpad format.

According to Tron, the company has completed an ecological architectural complex in cryptovoxels, designed and built by, a well-known real estate developer in the metaverse. Following Superare and SpaceX, Tron has also completed the establishment of the ecological display area in cryptovoxels and will quickly complete the layout of the metaverse track in the follow-up. Combining the adjacent buildings residing on the east coast of Miami, Tron's ecological building complex is made up of TRON ECO HQ, BT Convention Club, and APENFT Art Museum.

They went on to say:

"The layout is based on the core of the TRON ECO HQ, with the BT Convention club, andAPENFT Art Museum on either side and the coastal landscape SUN Temple extending from the exterior of the complex, which is a dramatic presentation of the NFT artistic core. By creating such a unique, fantastic aura, Tron demonstrates its continuous efforts in driving forward globalization, building up an all-around ecosystem for decentralized projects, and exploring further into the world of blockchain with a view to growth."

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