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Splinterlands, the most popular blockchain game of the moment, has recently hosted the 6th edition of DYGYCON, a unique virtual metaverse that connects users to blockchain projects.

The event is held every two months in order to bring Splinterlands partners and new friends to meet in the crypto community.

The DYGYCON 6 was held on November 19-21, becoming the first iteration of DYGYCON that spanned across three days. There were 950 registered users of which 672 actually attended the event.

In the event took part Aggroed, from @Splinterlands, giving the welcome message, Jason Brink from Gala Games, Adrian Krion from Spielworks/Womplay, and Skyler Ramsey from Dogira! Users interested in having a look at the talks can access a VOD on Youtube here so they can see the recorded TALKS.

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It must be noted that Splinterlands uses Gamerjibe's metaverse platform to host DYGYCON. During the event, Splinterlands announced new sponsors, including Doctor Who: Worlds Apart, NFT Tunz Smighties, Tales of the Crypto and Zombie Zebras NFT.

It is worth mentioning that DYGYCON 6 SWAG is getting distributed throughout this month.

Splinterlands has also debuted its first silent NFT auction featuring NFTs from @Splinterlands, their sponsors and private sellers.

Users interested in DYGYCON will be able to attend the next edition of the event on January 21-23, 2022. Thanks to the early registrations, users can check the event's landing page for updates and receive any e-mails that may go out regarding DYGYCON updates.

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