Christie's to Auction First Wikipedia Edit as NFT
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Dec. 4, 2021
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Christie's, a British auction house founded in 1766, is selling a non-fungible token (NFT) of Wikipedia's first edit launched in January 2001. According to an announcement, the sale of the token will hold to December 15. The NFT will be based on the Ethereum blockchain, The Verge reports.

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Once the sale is over, the page will be launched publicly on the web. Users will be able to see and edit it. However, all changes will revert after five minutes. The ultimate buyer of the NFT will also be able to edit the page.

Christie's to Auction First Wikipedia Edit as NFT
Christie's Continues NFT Craze with New Auction of CryptoPunks

In addition to the NFT, the auction house will also sell the Strawberry iMac Wales that was using around Wikipedia's launch. Christie's says the funds will go toward charitable causes and WT.Social, a donation-backed social network that Wales launched in 2019. In May 2019, one of the Wikipedia founders, Larry Sanger, noted that one of the main reasons blockchain is so popular is because the technology gives users the opportunity to take back control over data and their relationships.

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