FBI Seizes More Than 39 BTC From a REvil-associated Wallet
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The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has seized about $2.3 million worth of cryptos related to the hackers group REvil.

According to court documents, last August 3, 2021, the FBI seized 39.89138522 BTC from the cryptocurrency wallet Exodus. It should be noted there is no information on how the agency gained access to the funds.

The wallet, which is associated with a Russian, Aleksandr Sikerin, contained ransomware received by REvil.

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Bleeping Computer has noted Sikerin could be a hacker known as Lalartu, a prominent affiliate of the hackers groups GandCrab and REvil.

In June, the FBI recovered most of the ransom in Bitcoins paid to DarkSide hackers following the attack on US pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline. It should be noted that at the time there was also no information on how the FBI had gained access to the funds.

Blockstream CEO Adam Back indicated the FBI most likely simply requested access to the wallet from the hosting provider or company.

The US authorities have said they intend to combat the use of cryptos by ransomware operators by monitoring ransom payments paid by victims of attacks.

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