Ether Will Become Deflationary in 2022
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During the first half of 2022, the supply of Ethereum will peak at 119.7 million ETH, after which the coin will become deflationary, according to data from the Ultrasound Money service.

According to the resource, the annual burn volume of Ethereum is 4.3 million ETH, while the issuance for the same period is 5.4 million ETH. These numbers represent an inflation rate of less than 1% per year.

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Last August 5, 2021, the London hardfork was activated on the network of the second largest crypto in the market by market cap. As part of the upgrade, several network enhancement proposals were implemented, including EIP-1559. This provides for the burning of a portion of miners' fees, depending on the network load.

Despite expert forecasts of a 20-30% drop in miners' revenues as a result of the activation of the EIP-1559, miners made a record $1.34 billion in October through transaction fees.

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