App Store Removes Crypto Wallet App Over Similarities with PayPal
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Apple has removed the TokenPocket cryptocurrency wallet from the App Store over alleged similarities with PayPal's logo. According to an official statement, the wallet was removed from App Store on Nov 3, 2021, for the reason that PayPal "unilaterally filed a complaint with the TokenPocket trademark issue."

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"We have received a lawyer’s letter from PayPal in 2021, which is about the dispute with our company’s trademark," the announcement says.

The team behind TokenPocket said it wants to resolve the issue in a "friendly negotiation way." The wallet has already dispatched lawyers to conduct research "on both sides' trademarks." However, it remains unclear when and if the wallet returns to the App Store.

App Store Removes Crypto Wallet App Over Similarities with PayPal
PayPal Opens Crypto Trading Service to UK Residents

PayPal's complaint comes after the payment giant announced plans to roll out its own cryptocurrency wallet in the US. According to Dan Schulman, the company's CEO, PayPal intends to turn its app into a financial super app like Alipay and WeChat Pay. As a result, it could include investment services, high-yield savings accounts, and check cashing services and other instruments.

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