Quentin Tarantino to Auction Uncut Scenes from 'Pulp Fiction' as NFTs
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Nov. 2, 2021

Film director Quentin Tarantino, 58, is planning to auction seven uncut scenes from "Pulp Fiction" as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on OpenSea. According to a press release, the famed director is also planning to give away original handwritten scripts from the film and exclusive audio commentary.

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The NFTs are built on the Secret Network blockchain network and each token contains "secret" content viewable only by the owner of it. However, it remains unclear how the auction will be run.

"The secret content itself is one-of-a-kind, has never been seen or heard before, and will include: the uncut first handwritten scripts of "Pulp Fiction" and exclusive custom commentary from Tarantino, revealing secrets about the film and its creator," the press release says.

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Meanwhile, big IT platforms are also looking to enter the NFT market. As iHodl reported, Reddit might be working on a new product related to the industry of NFTs. According to the new job post, the new hire will be responsible for building backend services for "millions of users to create, buy, sell and use NFT-backed digital goods."

Reddit is seeking a senior backend engineer with 5+ years backend development experience with multiple parts of the backend stack, from databases to networking to efficient computing. The candidate should also have experience with cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

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