Investors Lose $60M on AnubisDAO as Meme Coin Craze Speeds Up
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AnubisDAO, a fork of Olympus DAO, has suffered a loss of 13,597.26 ETH (~$60 million). The project's developers wrote on Twitter that AnubisDAO faced "an unforeseen error" with the Copper platform. While the technical details behind the loss remain unclear, users are getting suspicious and calling it a classic rug pull.

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Some noted that the project lost all the liquidity — provided by investors — right before the end of the auction where all the participants were to be getting ANKH tokens in exchange for ETH. One of AnubisDAO's backers, Sisyphus, publicly offered a reward of 1000 ETH on Twitter to anyone who can help with identification of the person behind the wallet connected with the hack. However, later the user deleted the tweet.

The alleged hacker whose alias is @beerus on Twitter funded AnubisDAO before the incident. He also funded his own wallet from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

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