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COTI, a digital finance platform, is expected to roll out its mainnet 2.0 next November 2, according to the press release seen by iHodl.

The project has said that after working on the second version of its mainnet for more than a year and that it has invested thousands of hours in order to allow new scalability and speed capabilities as well as to optimize COTI's platforms to support its massive growth.

It must be noted that COTI’s Trustchain is the base infrastructure for the project's systems and products. The Trustchain lies on a multi-DAG (directed acyclic graph) data structure, which works in tandem to drive up scalability, processing over 100,000 transactions per second (TPS).

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Some of the new features of the new version of COTI's mainnet will take it to a new level of performance. For example, the confirmation of transactions will be a lot faster once the new mainnet is launched.

The launch of the mainnet 2.0 will allow COTI’s network to grow further, supporting a wide range of financial technologies and use cases for enterprise and merchants, as well as for COTI users.

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