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cBridge 2.0, which has been developed to provide a simple user experience with a highly scalable and deep multi-chain liquidity management system to support billion-dollar daily cross-chain transfer volume to mass users, is proud to announce that its testnet is now live.

The testnet, which was launched just 2 days ago, can be accessed by users and liquidity providers through the testnet app at Thanks to this, users will be able to get familiar with the simpler cross-chain transfer, brand-new liquidity management and liquidity farming functionalities.

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It must be noted that the team behind the project has also launched a $4,000 reward program aimed at gathering valuable feedbacks from its users and the developer community before the launch of the mainnet, which is expected to happen in the near future.

In particular, the project plans to select the best 20 feedbacks every week for the next two weeks and will reward each selected feedback provider with $100 reward.

According to the press release shared with iHodl, the testnet includes the following:

  • Simpler User Experience: Users can experience a simple one-click cross-chain transfer flow.
  • New Liquidity Management Experience: Liquidity Providers can easily delegate their liquidity through the shared pool and allow Celer State Guardian Network to use
  • Integrated Liquidity Farming Experience: For any LP that provides liquidity to any incentivized liquidity pool, cBridge 2.0 will automatically start the liquidity farming without any additional steps of staking LP tokens.

The project wants to make sure everything works smoothly before the launch of the mainnet, and this includes, among other things, reaching a high level of security. To this end, the project will implement three independent smart contract security auditing, rigorous cross-team review as well as a multi-million dollar bug bounty program at mainnet launch.

In addition, the team will also roll out several features during the testnet process, being the biggest feature the upgraded SGN web app.

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