Scammers Organize Fake BTC Airdrop on YouTube During Apple Presentation
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As reported by 9to5mac, a group of scammers took advantage of yesterday's Apple Unleashed presentation, during which the company presented the new models of its MacBook Pro laptop, among other products, to organize a fake airdrop of cryptocurrencies.

According to the publication, these took advantage of the occasion to get YouTube's search algorithm to include the broadcast in users' searches, which resulted in it receiving up to 30,000 views at some points.

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In it, the scammers asked users to send to a specific address between 0.1 BTC and 5 BTC or between 3 ETH and 500 ETH to participate in an alleged airdrop and receive twice as many coins.

Notably, the fake relay took place on a channel that replicated Apple's account, even the logo. In the title and description of the broadcast, the attackers used the phrases "updated MacBook Pro," "New Airpods," or "PRO Mac Mini."

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