BitTorrent Grand Prize 10 Million BTT in Golden Wallet Sweepstakes
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BitTorrent has been running a tournament that has grabbed the headlines among the crypto community, with currently 3 winners. That leaves 1 grand prize winner that can stand the chance to win some major crypto moolah in a lucky draw.

The weekly draw celebrates the relaunch of BitTorrent, and drums up excitement about one of the planet’s largest and most active data sharing protocols. In its original format BitTorrent was launched as a free media sharing platform that was revolutionary for its users, giving them the opportunity to share media globally among users. It was a new approach to data sharing that aligns very closely to that of the blockchain, as we know it today.

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BitTorrent Racing Towards the Finish Line

BitTorrent, which is now available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android in a brilliant move, was bought recently by Justin Sun's TRON. TRON’s ethos is clear, "decentralize the Internet." A move which is popular with true crypto fans, as more platforms and protocols are led away from Satoshi Nakamoto's original principle of absolute decentralization. TRON offers a rich ecosystem for its users that features a DEX, a Wallet, a dApp, Explorer and now the BitTorrent protocol.

The BitTorrent Chain, which is where the protocols sit, is a highly scalable cross-chain interoperable network on TRON, which uses the superior proof-of-stake consensus. Its heterogeneous nature means it takes advantage of both Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains, for deploying smart contracts at scale.

The benefit of sharing media in this way is manifold. Primarily, security, where all data is distributed across many thousands or even millions of computers worldwide, and speed due to the amount of users, currently over 100 million. Finally, the fact that downloads are open source and free is a major advantage to users.

In order to participate in the Golden Wallet Sweepstakes, users are encouraged to either enter by e-mail here: or to download torrent clients here: µTorrent Classic, µTorrent Web, BitTorrent Classic or BitTorrent Web. These include a golden wallet and vpn installation, you will be updated on how to enter the lucky sweepstake.

Better move fast, only one winning spot left.

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