Powerbridge Technologies to Deploy 4,600 Bitcoin and Ether Mining Rigs in Hong Kong
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Chinese company Powerbridge Technologies has announced it plans to roll out 4,600 cryptocurrency mining rigs in Hong Kong through its subsidiary — Powercrypto Holdings.

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According to a press release, the firm will deploy 2,600 bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin) mining rigs in Hong Kong with a hashrate of approximately 60 PH/s, and 2,000 ether (ETH) mining machines with a hashrate of ~1,000 GH/s.

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Sean Wang, Powercrypto's General Manager, says that the firm will focus on enhancing its "overall hashrate level in BTC and ETH mining by setting up mining fleets in North America and Asia." Powerbridge's plans come despite the fact China is about to add cryptocurrency mining to its "negative list" of industries.

As iHodl reported, the negative list consists of sectors and industries that are blacklisted for participation not only by Chinese investors, but also by foreign ones.

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