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Creaton, a decentralized content subscription platform enabling creators to monetize their audience directly and without interference, has just announced it has attracted $1.1 million from BTSE Labs, Tykhe Block Ventures and other angel investors, according to the press release shared with iHodl.

Creaton stands out of the competence because unlike many other similar platforms, Creaton creators are able to accept paid subscriptions from their fans and earn cryptos rewards for their content.

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All the content is secured as a non-fungible token (NFT) contract, backed by decentralized storage on Arweave and encryption through Lit Protocol. As a result, the project team is unable to alter or even see the content without the creator’s consent.

The combination of smart contracts and multiple blockchain technologies enables creators to keep their assets to an exclusive and selected audience, among other things.

Alexander Klus, founder of Creaton, said:

"Our mission is to throw off the shackles of Web 2.0 that have been so unfairly imposed over creators in recent years. Between payment issues, bans, and censorship, Web 2.0 platforms like Patreon have done a disservice to their core users. We aim to tackle this issue in a way that makes sense, combining multiple advanced blockchain technologies to make a platform that, for the first time, works. We are incredibly excited to build this with our amazing roster of investors."

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