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Kripton Market, an online marketplace focused on offering products and services to Bitcoin users built on RSK technology, has just announced it will allow over 700 commercial outlets in El Salvador to sell products and services priced in BTC.

Through this online marketplace, anyone can offer products and services to Bitcoin users across the country of El Salvador, which has recently passed a law that recognizes Bitcoin as legal tender.

At the moment, more than 150 stores have enrolled to experiment with the Kripton Market, while another 564 will be added in the future.

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Apart from the 700 stores that are already participating in the Kripton initiative or plan to do so in the future, it must be noted that Kripton has closed a preliminary agreement with 29 cooperatives, among them Acomi, Comedica, Acofinges, and Bancovi that have a network of over 509,000 associates to evaluate the platform confirming a massive market to tap into.

The campaign is also centered on educating the merchants and the general public of El Salvador.

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