El Salvador Introduces Fuel Subsidy for Bitcoin Users
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The users of the national crypto wallet Chivo will receive a discount when paying for fuel in El Salvador, the country's president Nayib Bukele has said:

"National wallet Chivo has negotiated with the country's largest fuel companies so that starting tomorrow [Oct. 1], their gas stations will sell each gallon of gasoline $0.2 cheaper when paid with the wallet."

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According to Bukele, the measure "avoids several increases in world fuel prices." He has added:

"The benefit is unrestricted and can be used by public transport, entrepreneurs, as well as any company or individual. It will also reduce transportation costs in supply chains."

Users have expressed in the comments of the publication doubts about the benefits of such a measure for society. Some of these point out that if the "discount" is paid by the state operator Chivo, then it is taxpayers' money.

Others have suggested this is an attempt to get people to use an application that still does not work properly.

The law recognizing Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador came into force last September 7.

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