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AmplifyX, a platform that empowers anyone to take part in and shape the music industry by providing investors for artists, has teamed up with Nicole Tamer Art Gallery to roll out the first ever pop-up NFT music gallery featuring artists from the Detroit music industry.

Both AmplifyX and the Detroit-based art gallery specializing in contemporary fine art are working together on the launch of the Detroit Culture Club pop-up NFT music gallery, which will be open to the public this evening (September 29) from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM EDT.

According to the press release shared with iHodl, the gallery will feature the works of Rocky Badd, Jay Vinchi, Tiny Jag, Kid Vishis, Craig Blackmore, Cadillac Musik, Joe Apollo, Lyric Le'son, Botez, TAMAE, Mattie Armstrong and Andrew Blake. Users interested in registering for more information should click here.

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It is not surprising that AmplifyX has decided to enter into a partnership related to NFTs, as the project is working on the development of a digital toolkit to empower creators to finance and monetize their work in Web 3.0 through their community by leveraging utility NFTs.

Adam Cowherd, CEO of AmplifyX, has said on the launch of the pop-up NFT music gallery:

"Over the last few months, most people have heard a lot about NFTs—but few people actually own them. At AmplifyX, we are trying to change that. One of our goals is to make buying an NFT as easy as buying a t-shirt online."

It must be noted that AmplifyX is building on Tezos, one of the original proof-of-stake layer one blockchain networks, because it allows developers to easily build powerful decentralized applications and products.

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