Tajikistan Central Bank Slams Fantom Over Fake Partnership
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The National Bank of Tajikistan said the so-called partnership with the Fantom Foundation, which led to an almost 13% spike in the token's value, is not authentic. According to the regulator's official statement, it has never signed "any cooperation agreements with the Fantom Foundation on the central bank digital currency (CBDC) and has no plans to do so."

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"The information that the CBDC will be introduced through the National Bank of Tajikistan in the Republic of Tajikistan is incorrect and does not correspond to reality, therefore the National Bank of Tajikistan has already sent a letter to the Fantom Foundation about the publication of inaccurate information," the watchdog said.

Fantom Signs Up With Tajikistan Government to Build Their E-government Infrastructure

The Fantom Foundation has not updated its blog post, which says that it has been selected by OJSC Orienbank to build the CBDC for the Republic of Tajikistan. OJSC Orienbank has not confirmed the partnership neither. The foundation said that the CBDC solution will be rolled out "under the sandbox regulation of National Bank of Tajikistan." As of press time, Fantom's native token FTM is down by over 5% and is trading at $1.23.

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