Solana Described Trigger for Network Outage
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Grape Protocol's initial dex offering (IDO) was the main reason behind Solana's outage on Sept. 14. The developers say in a statement that the network has been flooded by the protocol's bots which caused many validators to crash forcing the network to slow down and eventually stall.

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The Solana dev team says the network crashed when the validator network failed to reach an agreement on the current state of the blockchain, which blocked the network from creating new blocks.

"These transactions flooded a system known as the forwarder queue, causing the memory used by this queue to grow without limits," the statement reads.

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The validator network restored full functionality at 05:30 UTC (approximately 18 hours after the network stalled) after the community implemented a hard fork of the network from the last confirmed slot. The developers emphasized that the solution has been implemented thanks to a "coordinated effort by the community," for creating a patch and getting 80% of the network to come to consensus. The developers are also planning to publish a detailed technical post mortem in the coming weeks.

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