Hacker Steals $35M in Crypto From DeFi Protocol Vee.Finance
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Sept. 21, 2021

An unknown person has hacked the lending platform Vee.Finance and stolen tokenized Bitcoins and Ethers from it. Representatives of the DeFi protocol have said:

"Our platform may have been exploited. All services have been paused. We are investigating the cause, please follow our official accounts for latest update."

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According to the Vee.Finance blog, the total value of the stolen assets exceeds $35 million (8,804.7 WETH and 213.93 WBTC). The attacker has not yet withdrawn the funds to third-party platforms. The DeFi project team is attempting to contact the hacker to recover the assets.

According to journalist Colin Wu, Vee.Finance has raised investments from more than 20 venture capitalists, including Huobi. The protocol has been audited by Certik and SlowMist.

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