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Ethernity Chain have come up yet again, consistently managing to secure some of the most exciting and momentous NFT drops on the planet. The Hall of Famer Dan Marino’s NFT drop marks the latest in a line of otherworldly sporting heroes collections to drop on the chain.

Dan Marino is an NFL superstar, most renowned for his pure grit and determination in games, and his approach of never giving up, the game is not over till it’s won and this collection pays tribute to that ethos. Dan Marino, considered to be one of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever step on the field, has made Miami his home turf. Miami is a hub for crypto disruptors and innovations and this collection celebrates Marino’s greatest moments, from his records of becoming the first QB to eclipse 50,000 & 60,000 career yards and over 400 touchdowns.

Digital Art Crossing Legendary Sporting Moments

The NFTs cover 5 different moments in Dan the Man’s groundbreaking career. The first called “Dan Marino: A Dolphin Forever” comes with a signed Dan Marino Miami Dolphins jersey, a true collectible. The second called “Dan the Man” consists of 130 units, and shows Marino's no. 13 helmet. One lucky auction winner will get a signed helmet by Dan Marino, which will be raffled off to all participants.

All of the NFTs have been created by notable artist Yoni Sonis, a 3D artist who deep dives into the human experience by coupling it with digital creations. His work has been used by Sony Music, Nike, EDC Las Vegas, Dubfire, and the Bitcoin Conference to name just a few.

Ethernity regularly hosts auction drops for some of the leading lights in the celebrity and sports world. Their collections include work for The Muhammed Ali Foundation, Pele’s greatest moments and the Messi Collection, a record breaking NFT drop which raised over $5 million in just a couple of days.

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