El Salvador Authorities Purchase Another 150 BTC
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El Salvador's president, Nayib Bukele, has announced the country's government has purchased an additional 150 BTC coinciding with the crypto's drop to $45,000.

In total, El Salvador's Bitcoin fund has 700 Bitcoins. Last September 7, when the law legalizing the first crypto as a means of payment came into force in the country, the government bought 550 BTC.

Bukele has also recommended buying Bitcoins when the price of the asset falls and has called it "the president's advice."

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According to Coin ATM Radar, El Salvador ranks third in the world in terms of number of Bitcoin ATMs just after the United States and Canada. A total of 205 ATMs have been installed in the country.

Residents of the capital of El Salvador burned a Bitcoin ATM during protests against the recognition of digital gold as legal tender in the country.

The legalization of the crypto has recently led to the sale of the country's government bonds.

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