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Blockchain-based entertainment platform and marketplace for NFTs Decentral Games (DG) has recently received investment under the $100M Accelerator fund, which was originally created to boost the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem, according to a press release shared with iHodl.

DG plans to used the fresh capital to work on new innovations aimed at expanding the blockchain metaverse, virtual reality gaming vertical as well as NFT markets on BSC.

In particular, the company will speed up the launch of new table games and features for its three metaverse venues.

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Decentral Games focuses on the development and management of virtual venues within the metaverse where players can play games, socialize and attend livestream concerts through virtual reality.

The company has previously received investments from big names in the industry, including Digital Currency Group, Polygon, Decentraland, Hashkey, Collab+Currency, and BACKED VC.

Decentral Games is receiving increasing demand for its immersive metaverse environments, which allows the company to expand beyond the boundaries of its core gaming business.

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