Ethereum Network Repelled 51% Attack
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Ethereum has successfully repelled 51% attack by an unknown attack, tweeted Marius Van Der Wijden, Software Developer at Geth, Ethereum. While the network has reportedly faced a long chain of approximately 550 blocks with invalid data, only a few Nethermind nodes switched to the invalid chain, Van Der Wijden explained.

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As of press time, it takes almost $2 million to attack the Ethereum network for as long as two hours, according to Crypto51. Even the Bitcoin network is cheaper in comparison with Ethereum where a bad actor would need to spend approximately $1.7 million.

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The attack against Ethereum comes shortly after Solana's mainnet-beta network suffered "intermittent instability" over resource exhaustion. As a result, Solana's network has been unable to produce new blocks for more than fifteen hours. Later, the community of validators decided to collectively relaunch the mainnet.

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