Litecoin Creator Denies Walmart Plans to Accept the Crypto
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Charlie Lee, the creator of litecoin, has denied that US retailer Walmart intends to accept the altcoin as a payment method.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, the CEO of non-profit Litecoin Foundation has said that despite a verified Litecoin Twitter account retweeted the news, it is not true that Walmart will accept Litecoin. He said:

"We try our best to not tweet fake news and this time we really screwed up. I deny that it has anything to do with us and we’ll try our best to figure out who did it."

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Yesterday a press release appeared on behalf of Walmart about a partnership with the Litecoin Foundation, according to which the retailer intended to start accepting the cryptocurrency from October 1.

The news first appeared on a verified Litecoin Twitter account, but was quickly removed. However, it was visible long enough for major media outlets such as Reuters, Bloomberg and CNBC to report on it.

Both Walmart and Litecoin have denied that they intend to collaborate together.

The price of Litecoin soared 35% after the news broke, only to fall again shortly thereafter.

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