Robinhood Rolls Out New Crypto Feature for Long-term Investors
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Sept. 8, 2021

Robinhood has revealed a new feature that allows cryptocurrency inventors to focus on long-term goals. According to a blog announcement, crypto recurring investment allows users to regularly buy coins with as little as $1 on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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"Saving is a habit and recurring investments introduces a strategy to grow holdings over time while potentially reducing the impact of market volatility," the broker said.

Robinhood's Quarterly Crypto-related Revenue Grows 4,500%

Robinhood says the new feature reduces volatility risks and the stress of timing the markets. The broker emphasizes that other crypto trading platforms charge a commission fee up to 4% for each crypto trade.

Robinhood's new crypto-focused feature comes after US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair, Gary Gensler, told Barron's that banning payment for order flow — which is Robinhood main business model — was an option "on the table." According to Gensler, the practice has "an inherent conflict of interest."

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