Number of Transactions in Second-level Solutions for Ethereum Surpasses that of BTC
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According to developer Evan Van Ness, the daily number of transactions processed by the Ethereum network's second-level scaling solutions (L2 solutions) reached a figure similar to that of the Bitcoin blockchain on September 5: about 250,000 versus about 210,000.

He believes the trend is starting to gain momentum. His prediction is based on data from StarkWare (about 143,000 transactions), Arbitrum (about 56,000 transactions) and Optimism (about 28,000).

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Van Ness, who is a supporter of Ethereum, has provoked outrage from Bitcoin supporters, who have pointed to the lack of information about transactional activity on the Lightning Network.

In response, Van Ness has argued he has been unable to find sources with reliable data of this type, as the popular resources Bitcoin Visuals and 1ml do not provide such statistics.

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