Reddit User Urges to Invest $30 in Bitcoin to Support El Salvador
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Reddit user thadiusb has urged members of the r/Bitcoin community to invest $30 in Bitcoin on the day the crypto will be recognized as legal tender in El Salvador.

According to estimates, if the forum's 3.3 million members support the initiative, they will be able to make a one-time injection of $99.5 million into the cryptoecosystem.

Thadiusb has pointed out in this way he wants to support El Salvador's decision, the objective not being to boost the price of the crypto. He has said:

"It’s a first that a nation has adopted Bitcoin. Let’s show El Salvador, for those who are on the fence about it still, that Bitcoin has value for them."

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At this moment, the publication has post received more than 2,000 comments, most of them supporting the idea.

In early June El Salvador passed a bill recognizing Bitcoin as a legal means of payment. The initiative was supported by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI). The regulation will come into force tomorrow, September 7.

The country's authorities have presented the cryptocurrency wallet Chivo. These will deliver a $30 reward in Bitcoin to all adults who download it.

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