Orbs Becomes Live on Dinoswap, Yield Optimizer Koge Farm Adds a Vault for $ORBS-$USDC
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ORBS, the decentralized public blockchain that combines scalability and low fees with a first-grade developer experience, is in the news for all the right reasons. First, its extinction pool is now live on Polygon-based Dinoswap, a cross-chain decentralized exchange helping blockchain and AMM projects aggregate liquidity. Second, the ORBS-USDC pool on Dinoswap has been taken up by the KogeFarm for inclusion in their active vaults. Let’s delve a bit deeper into these two developments to understand what they signify.

What Does it Mean to Become Live on Dinoswap?

Dinoswap is a trustless DEX that is emerging as one of the topmost aggregators, borrowing heavily from PancakeSwap and Uniswap. The latest available estimates suggest that it has locked over $11 million of assets backed by $4.7 million worth of funds raised so far. What is the most enticing about Dinoswap is that it can have direct interfaces with third-party AMM liquidity pools active on Polygon, like QuickSwap and SushiSwap. It allows DeFi users to supply liquidity and stake to earn ORBS tokens. All the user needs to do to avail the benefit of the extinction pool mechanism is migrate ORBS tokens to the Polygon Network through the secure and seamless route of the Ethereum-Polygon cross-chain bridge.

Once the user has migrated, they can supply liquidity on the ORBS-USDC pool on QuickSwap. These ORBS-USDC LP tokens are subsequently staked to excavate Dinoswap’s DINO tokens, and these excavated DINO tokens can further be used on the ORBS extinction pool to earn more tokens.

The Orbs-Dinoswap collaboration will put the ORBS network on a more robust platform. It would strengthen its ties with the Polygon ecosystem - an ecosystem whose activity surpasses Ethereum as far as the number of projects leveraging its scaling solution go. Moreover, the collaboration would boost ORBS’ liquidity and increase the visibility of the project to the larger user base of Polygon.

Orbs Inclusion in the KogeFarm Vaults

The potential of the Orbs-Dinoswap collaboration has led to KogeFarm.io adding a vault for $ORBS-$USDC. Koge farm is a yield optimizer on Polygon, where users can earn up to 900%+ APY on Orbs Network’s LP. Koge Farm leverages the L2 features of Polygon. Utilizing Polygon’s very low transaction fees, KogeFarm auto-compounds farming rewards every 5 minutes.

Overall, Orbs is headed for a fantastic journey ahead by bridging its token to Polygon. Several Orbs pools were created in quick succession on Polygon’s leading DEX-AMM QuickSwap, boasting over $1.7 million in liquidity.

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