Hits $1T in Crypto Transactions
Main page News, Wallet, Crypto Market, a cryptocurrency custodian & exchange service, has announced it has surpasses over $1 trillion in cryptocurrencies transacted on its platform. Macrina Kgil, Chief Financial Officer at, says the service has handled almost a "third of all bitcoin network transactions since 2012." As of press time, the company has 76 million of retail active wallets.

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"These numbers do not reflect what’s bought and sold on our exchange, but rather real usage of crypto: instantly sending value across the world as easily as sending an email," Kgil pointed out.

She also added the company's institutional client base is continuing to see growth as "more asset managers look to meet their clients’ demand." In April, Baillie Gifford, an investment management firm, made the largest single investment in by putting $100 million into the service. Acquires AI OTC Provider AiX CEO, Peter Smith, said the company would use the proceeds to bring the next 1 billion people into the cryptocurrency market. Baillie Gifford is known as one of the UK's largest and oldest investment management firms. The firm was one of the early investors in Amazon, Airbnb, Google, Tesla, SpaceX, Spotify, Palantir and many more.

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