Ethereum's Most Popular Client Fixes Serious Bug
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The developers of Geth, the most popular Ethereum client, have released an urgent fix for a serious bug in their code. The details of the vulnerability have not been disclosed so that node operators, including those used by various projects and services, can upgrade safely. Geth developer Peter Siladji said:

"The exact attack vector will be provided at a later date to give node operators and dependent downstream projects time to update their nodes and software. All Geth versions supporting the London hard fork are vulnerable (the bug is older than London), so all users should update."

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According to, around 75% of Ethereum nodes currently use Geth. These should switch to the current version 1.10.8 as soon as possible.

The developers first announced they had identified the bug last August 18. It was discovered by Guido Vranken, who specializes in finding vulnerabilities in open source software.

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