Solana's Largest Rug Pull Steals Over $6.5M from Users
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Luna Yield, a decentralized finance (DeFi) cross-chain aggregator, has apparently rug pulled its investors, bringing the total losses over $6.5 million, CoinDesk has learned.

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The project's official website and social media accounts have been deleted. SolPad, a platform for initial digital offerings (IDO) which listed listed Luna Yield two days prior to the rug pull, said the team behind Luna Yield withdrew all liquidity and moved the funds to Tornado Cash, a mixer based on smart-contract, to avoid tracking.

Prior the incident, Solana listed the project on its main page. However, after Luna's developers gone dark, Solana's team removed the project's logo from the website. The archived version of the webpage is still available on Wayback Machine.

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As of press time, Solana has not commented on the matter. SolPad promises to refund the rest 60% vested token of the purchased amount for Luna Yield IDO participants. The funds will be taken out of SolPad Foundation.

In June this year, Solana raised over $314 million in a private investment round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and Polychain Capital. The investment round also included CoinShares, Alameda Research, Multicoin Capital and others. In total, Solana Labs raised $314,159,265 via private token sale.

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