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AAX has today announced a major development for crypto account holders, the chance to save their holdings inside the new AAX savings platform and to get up to 20% APY in return. This is by far, the most lucrative savings program available both on or off ramp.

The premise is simple, and works very much like a traditional savings account where you deposit your funds and simply watch your account grow. However in today’s economic climate, non crypto savers are lucky to get anything close to 1%. When compound interest is taken into consideration, this actually takes a chunk out of your savings.

The blockchain holds opportunities for investors through staking, loaning and now for the first time saving. AAX offers this product to holders of a range of cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, Tether’s USDT and Circle’s USDC.

Who is AAX?

AAX exchange, launched in 2018, is considered to be one of the leading exchanges, and its 1 million users across 100 countries would stand testament to this. It is the first and foremost exchange to use London Stock Exchange Group’s Technology for its platform, the same platform that the London Stock Exchange uses. This bestows upon it the qualities of speed, stability and institutional grade operations being capable of handling hundreds of thousands of transactions at the same time. The exchange sees trading volume of over 1 billion USD in each 24 hour period.

Users pay $0 fees on all 80+ spot markets, and get access to high-yield savings packages, deeply liquid futures trading, and fast and free deposits and withdrawals.

This savings platform will be welcomed by both the crypto initiated and absolute beginners to the crypto markets. The team at AAX said:

"Whatever the market situation is, bear or bull, it is important for investors to allocate a certain portion of their crypto portfolio to savings."

A sentiment that is echoed across the majority of leading banking and financial institutions globally.

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