Poly Network Offers Job to Hacker Who Stole $611 Million From Project
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The protocol for communicating multiple blockchains Poly Network has offered a hacker the position of chief security adviser, Bloomberg has reported. The company wants the hacker to continue contributing to the security of blockchain technology.

Last August 10 Poly Network lost $611 million as a result of the largest hack in terms of amount stolen in the entire history of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the crypto sector.

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The hacker explained shortly afterwards he carried out the attack just "for fun." He discovered a vulnerability in the Poly Network code and decided to report it to the project's devs. The platform offered the hacker a $500,000 reward for discovering the vulnerability, however, he refused it.

According to Poly Network, the hacker has already returned all the stolen coins. Another $235 million is held in a special account, to which both the hacker and the platform have access, and keys are required from both parties. The hacker has said he would provide the key when everyone was "ready."

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