hi Sets New Milestone As One-Millionth Customer Joins The Platform In Under 100 Days Since Launch
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hi, the not-for-profit fintech solution that bridges the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies, is experiencing unprecedented adoption momentum. The platform recently welcomed its one-millionth user, setting yet another milestone by achieving this feat in just under 100 days since its private beta version launch.

Following the introduction of the web app, the platform has since issued its native hi Dollar (HI) token, listed it on Uniswap, and expanded its presence across more than 150 countries. Operated by the hi Foundation, a Singapore-based not-for-profit organization, the platform leverages blockchain technology to build community-powered financial services.

Sean Rach, the co-founder of hi, said:

"A million members in less than 100 days is astonishing. We are blown away and humbled by the overwhelming support from our community. We are now one of the fastest-growing blockchain communities in the world - and this is just the beginning. We are building out an ecosystem of banking and Internet services to benefit our members and look forward to welcoming tens of millions of new members in the coming months."

A Fully Member-Centric Platform

At present, hi provides its services through a web app and social messaging platforms like Telegram and WhatsApp. Powered by the HI token, the fully member-driven service from hi offers its members seamless payment, ensuring free and instant payments, free and zero-markup conversions between fiat and fiat, crypto and crypto and crypto and fiat at mid-market exchange rates.

The total number of HI tokens minted directly correlates to the number of members on the platform, delivered in daily rewards and benefits. Every member with a hi digital wallet receives HI tokens daily by answering a quirky question. The platform even allows members to earn extra tokens via referrals.

Rach adds:

"We have seen the concept of member-powered financial services in various forms from credit unions, community banks, to mutual aid societies, but we are bringing this into the digital age with community tools and blockchain technology which increase the reach of such organizations. As hi is member powered and they are the key stakeholders, the firm is committed to maximizing membership value. We seek to address what we see as the fundamental flaw and problem with the current system - the quest to maximize profits at the expense of customers."

Backed by some of the biggest crypto investment firms like Longling Capital, Hashed and HashKey, hi is currently working on expanding its digital wallet to other social messaging platforms like Line, Messenger, and others, as well as launching the hi mobile app and hi savings account.

The team behind hi draws on its considerable prior experience working at leading crypto, tech, and finance brands like Alibaba, Bitcoin.com, Crypto.com, GLG, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Tencent. Together, they are on a mission to shape the future of both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies while setting the foundation for a fully inclusive not-for-profit fintech solution.

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