Poly Network Hacker Returns $258 Million of Stolen Funds
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The hacker who just a few days ago attacked the DeFi protocol Poly Network has returned $258 million of the stolen funds, Cointelegraph has reported.

According to sources, the attacker has already returned that amount and is keeping the rest of the funds (he stole a total of $612 million) in a secure location while he holds negotiations with the project.

In addition, the attacker is holding a question and answer session about the attack to report on how he carried it out.

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The attacker stole a total of $612 million on August 10, making the hack the largest in the history of the decentralized finance sector. The hacker stole funds from the Ethereum, the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Network networks.

While the hacker claims his intention was to demonstrate the bug in the system that enabled the attack, others believe the hacker has decided to return the funds not because that was his initial intention, but because the transparent nature of blockchain makes it really difficult to erase the trail of stolen funds.

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