User Pays $135,000 for The NFT of a Rock
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Aug. 10, 2021

The collection of EtherRock NFTs, which was created at the end of 2017, is gaining great popularity among users lately. Thus, last August 8, two users paid more than $200,000 for two rocks.

The EtherRock #21 was bought for 45 ETH (over $135,000), while someone paid 33 ETH (almost $104,000) for #33.

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The collection is inspired by the classic Pet Rock fashions that broke out in late 1975. The collection of NFTs is made up of one hundred identically shaped multicolored stones. According to Etherscan, the first EtherRock was sold last December 26, 2017 for 0.099 ETH (about $300).

It is worth noting the renewed interest in EtherRock is due to the launch of new tokens by its creators.

Many of these NFTs are available for resale on several non-fungible token marketplaces with prices ranging from 31 ETH to 626,262 ETH (around $1.9 billion).

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