Senators Propose Alternative Revenue-raising Crypto Plan Castellanos
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A group of lawmakers has revealed a new cryptocurrency-focused revenue-raising plan that details taxable subjects, Bloomberg reports. The amendment, filed by Senate Finance Committee Chair, Ron Wyden, and Republican Senators, Pat Toomey and Cynthia Lummis, aims to replace the much criticized $28 billion tax plan.

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According to the proposal, those who mine or stake cryptocurrencies, or even sell hardware/software are tax-free. Instead, the amendment would target only those "who conduct transactions on exchanges where consumers buy, sell and trade digital assets."

"Our amendment makes clear that reporting does not apply to individuals developing blockchain technology and wallets," Wyden said.

The Senate is about to vote on tax proposal to the infrastructure bill this week. The final vote might come as soon as this weekend. The amendment proposed by Wyden has not yet been scheduled for a vote.

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