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Community-Driven Initiative Delivers Extends Creators’ Reach

Unifty, the zero-code hub for NFTs, will soon roll out its community governance mechanism to enable creators to be a part of the decision-making process for the future growth and development of the platform.

Unifty Community Governance will transition Unifty into a community-governed ecosystem, empowering artists and creators by granting NIF token holders rights to propose and vote on new developments related to the long-term growth and success of the platform. With this additional power, artists will be able to align their incentives while playing an active role in maintaining the platform.

Furthermore, existing NIF token features, including payments and rewards, will be minted into a new utility token titled the Unifty Network Token (UNT). As part of this transition, Unifty will change the NIF tokens functionality to a purely governance-centric coin, enabling NIF holders to stake their tokens into governance contracts and vote for proposals. (UNT). The governance process can be initiated after no less than 100,000 NIF are staked in governance contracts, though the amount is subjected to change based on the governance process itself .

Unifty CTO Markus Bopp said:

"Decentralization should always be the answer in crypto. Maybe not right at its start, when the project is still young and its success is heavily reliant on great execution and the founding team’s vision, but it should be the ultimate goal. This is why I’m incredibly excited to launch the Unifty Community Governance project and be able to ‘walk the talk.’ The Unifty community is amazing and we owe our success to them, it’s only natural to give them the control they deserve."

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The NIF tokens will play a critical role in the platform’s overall growth, managing four different types of governance proposals within the Unifty platform, including Grant, Vault, Internal Governance and General Resolutions. Each of these proposals cater to different developmental needs of the Unifty platform. For instance, ‘Grant’ is a generic term that covers all proposals involving minting and distributing the UNT tokens. Vault proposals are a part of Grant proposals, but they will also address the opinions related to modifying parameters in the smart contracts associated with specific grants.

Internal governance proposals will enable the community members to amend default parameters of Unifty’s Community Governance contract, such as staking, governance quorums and time duration for all governance-related actions. Lastly, General Resolutions will cover text-based proposals that have no impact on the underlying smart contracts, with a primary purpose for polling and undertaking complex decisions for the Unifty platform.

A No-Code NFT Platform

Unifty has positioned itself as a leading no-code NFT ecosystem, offering an expanding list of features, tools and micro dApps designed to empower the burgeoning ‘creator community’ to derive more value from its platform.

With deployments across some significant blockchain networks, including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Celo and several others, Unifty has emerged as a genuinely multi-chain ecosystem, making it extremely easy for creators to mint NFTs and monetize them.

The platform’s no-code approach for minting NFTs alongside additional features like the NFT Bridge Service, the NFT Swap Service and NFT Marketplace makes Unifty a full-fledged ecosystem that bolsters community relations while supporting a whole new world of revenue opportunities for creators.

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