Tesla Reports Over $1B in Net Income During Q2
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EV maker Tesla has revealed financial results through Q2 of 2021. The company reported $1.14 billion in (GAAP) net income for the quarter. Thus, revenue for this period grew 98% year-on-year to $11.96 billion. Net income in comparison with Q2 of 2020 increased by 998%.

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This is the first time Tesla reported on net profit for the quarter above $1 billion. Total EV revenue rose 97% year-on-year to $10.21 billion. In July, Tesla reported deliveries of 201,250 electric vehicles and production of 206,421 vehicles during the quarter.

Musk Denies Tesla Has Sold its Bitcoins

The Palo Alto-based company also reported $801 million in revenue from its energy division, including solar power for homes and businesses.

Earlier in July, Elon Musk confirmed at The B Word panel that not only he or Tesla, but also SpaceX owns the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Musk also noted that in general he is a supporter of bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin).

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