Elon Musk Confirms: SpaceX Owns Bitcoin
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Elon Musk has confirmed at The B Word panel that not only he or Tesla, but also SpaceX owns the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Musk noted that in general he is a supporter of bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin).

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However, the Tesla CEO emphasized that the cryptocurrency market should watch out using a bit too much energy and not "necessarily good for the environment." It remains unclear how much SpaceX hodls in bitcoin. Musk also added that besides bitcoin, he is also hodling ether (ETH) and dogecoin (DOGE). Nonetheless, he clarified that he owns much more bitcoin than other altcoins.

Elon Musk Makes BTC Fall Again With a New Tweet

Earlier in April, Tesla sold part of its bitcoins for $272 million, giving it a profit of $101 million. Later, Musk said that the Palo Alto-based company sold the cryptocurrency in order to prove its liquidity as an alternative to holding cash on the balance sheet. As of press time, Tesla is still hodling bitcoin on its balance sheet.

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