Hackers Put 1 TB of Saudi Aramco Stolen Data for Sale
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July 20, 2021

Hackers have stolen 1 TB of confidential data from the world's largest oil company Saudi Aramco. The data is now for sale on a darknet marketplace at a negotiable price of $5 million in the monero (XMR) cryptocurrency, iHodl Russia has learned.

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The hacker group ZeroX claims that the stolen database contains full information about over 14,000 Saudi Aramco employees, as well as a list of its clients and documents related to the company's refineries.

Hackers Put 1 TB of Saudi Aramco Stolen Data for Sale
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The data is allegedly obtained by hacking Saudi Aramco's third-party contractors. Samples with a 1GB chunk of data are on sale for $2,000 in XMR. For the exclusive sale of the database with its subsequent removal by hackers, the group set a price of $50 million in the cryptocurrency. Both the threat actor and Saudi Aramco have confirmed that this is not a ransomware incident.

Previously in June, reports claimed that the US Department of Justice will give ransomware-related investigations the same priority as terrorism cases. US prosecutors have received an internal notice according to which information about ransomware attacks will be passed on to a newly created task force in Washington.

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